Flash: YS120 (3) Flash Cables: Short (2), Long (2), Combo ( one connection to 2 strobes) Arms: Ikelite Ball Arms Short (4), Long (2) Camera Housing Attachments: Ikelite (2)
1. History of Christianity in the Reformation Era - Prof. Brad Gregory, Stanford 2. Story of Human Language - Prof. John McWhorter, Manhattan Institute Take one or both. Leave phone number to arrange pick-up.
Well I think it's beautiful anyway ... nice solid wood with verdigris metal leaf-design inlays on each side. The futon was made by the Dreamsweet Futons company which used to be downtown on Cedar St. As you would imagine it folds out into a queen-sized bed, which has been great both for hosting guests and for serving as a nice big gaming surface for games parties. I would not want to part with ...
I have 3 old solar hot water panels that need a new home. Unfortunately one panel was hit by a branch and the glass is broken. It can be repaired with a new pane of glass. Please give them a second life.
Three ScubaPro Regulators: ScubaPro HP with ScubaPro R300 ScubaPro HP SA MK25 with ScubaPro G500 ScubaPro Speke (1st stage only)
Five pairs of fins: Mares Race, idi Power Fins (2), ScubaPro Twin Jet, US Divers Blades
Three wetsuits: Liquid Fit 3mm, Monterey Bay 5mm, O'Neill 3mm shorty. Women's XL Two DiveSkins for under drysuit. Women's XL
Computers: Aeris Atmos 2, Oceanic Pro Plus Weights: Hard (12), Soft (20) Flashlights (6), Weight belt, Tool Kit (2)
I m looking for some empty spray bottles to use with my homemade cleaning solution. The ones I ve been using clogged up and don t spray any more. Would prefer a spray bottle of a natural product.
I moved into a very small space I had to give away both my sofas they were too big. Now I need something so I am looking for a small sofa about 50-55" long max
We have a large 14 foot diameter trampoline. It has been outdoors but the frame, springs and trampoline material is still in good condition. It does not have the safety net that surrounds the tramp. All the kids are grown and it is no longer used. I would love to see it have a second life.
content for sale includes: Wicker furniture, Antique dressers, Kitchen items, Lots of Jewelry costume and precious, Leather sofa, Craftsman desk, Twin bed, Potted plants, Glassware, Patio furniture (some teak), Home decor and more.